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The English programs we offer at New Light specialize in combining creative teaching techniques and proven, up-to-date curriculum to give you the best and most effective learning experience possible. Our core syllabus is built on the American Headway course. Widely known as one of the world's most trusted ESL teaching material series, it is interactive, dynamic, and rich with student resources to aid in learning English quickly and effectively. At New Light, we are committed to taking each student from the foundational principles of English to fluent communication levels.


  • Clarify fundamental English principles as stepping stones to profiency.
  • Maximize students' oral English power with fun, practical activities designed to bring English into daily use.
  • Give learners a thorough understanding of not only how English works, but why it works that way (there are answers!)
  • Correct pronunciation and MTI (mother tongue influence) by learning from people who speak it best: native English teachers
  • Train competent, confident English communicators able to compete successfully in the corporate world and academic challenges
  • Develop students' personality and charisma necessary for interviews, cross-cultural communication, public speaking, and international travel

Brief Contents

  • Introduction to English
  • Training in language functions used in daily life and activities
  • Instruction on basic English sounds and how they work together
  • Listening skills development
  • Note-taking and speech preparation techniques
  • Live presentations and handling Q&A sessions in English
  • Personality development and body language building
  • Introduction to the culture of the English language
  • Incorporating Multimedia
  • Training by native English teachers in pronunciation and intonation techniques
  • Regular evaluation and end-of-course exams
  • Interactive ways to learn through games and activities

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